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Estate Planning

You may think this is an odd topic for a column about pets, but now is a good time to make your wishes known about the care of your pets when you are unable to do it yourself. If you make no plan for your pets, the care of those pets maybe left up to people who could care less about the well being of your cherished friend.

With a little research you can make arrangements for the care of your pets. You need to decide who can best take care of your pet when you are no longer able to. Some people select a friend or a relative that they trust to care for the pet. Another option could be a pet retirement home. Others may select placing the pet up for adoption either through your veterinarian or another organization that places pets.

Whatever option you may select you need to make sure that your family and friends know what you want for your pets. Often times your pets can be lost in the red tape of other estate business.

Since you don't want your pet to become a financial burden to whom you have selected to care for your pet you should leave your pets guardian, outright, an amount sufficient to care for the animal's food, routine veterinary care and extraordinary veterinary care should your pet ever need surgery--for the rest of his life.

If you choose to have your pet sent to a pet retirement home or adoption organization investigate that group and find out what the care is like there. Ask questions, visit the facility (is it clean, are the pets that live there happy, who is their veterinarian), look at the adoption contract they will use to place your pet if you request they find a new home. Find out if they have any financial requirements. Your pet many not be accepted if you do not contact them and let them know about your wishes.

Please see your estate planner soon to take care of this often overlooked part of your estate.

For more information on this subject you can go to

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