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PHOENIX May 5, 2004
Out for a ride

What undiagnosed diabetes can do to a dog

The ads for diabetes products and treatments that appear on this page are placed there by Tripod, and are in no way endorsed by the SSSNP. 
We received a call from Dr. Linda a Veterinarian friend of ours about a dog that had been turned into the Douglas County shelter.  He had been pulled out by another GSD rescue friend of ours and taken to the vet.  After running many tests to find out why this dog was so skinny, it was discovered that he had diabetes.  Dr. Linda knowing that we were up on canine diabetes, having already had two diabetic dogs, asked us if we could take him on.  We agreed providing we could trade an adoptable dog to the GSD person.
She spent a weekend getting him on Humulin N (NPH) insulin and then he was transported to us.  During this time he was named Phoenix, because if he survives this, he will have risen from the ashes. 
He is now under Dr. Lisa's and our care.  Dr. Lisa has nicknamed him Red Skelton.  The pictures below were taken just after his arrival  at the Douglas County Shelter.  He has gained 4 pounds since then (he weighed 24 pounds on his arrival, he should weigh 40).
Phoenix joined our other bridge kids on 7/19/04 after his heroic struggle with diabetes, low thyroid, pancreatic insuffiency.  We miss him a great deal.

Phoenix and Friends
dx 10/03 6u NPH BID Pancreatic Insuff, Hypo Thyroid

DX 2/04 15u NPH BID

dx 5/04 2u Ultralente SID

Molly joined our other diabetic bridge kids on 10/12/04 dying of kidney failure

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This is Tippy she is 18 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes in 5/98. She came to us when her owner died. She is doing quite well.
UPDATE:  Tippy went to the Rainbow Bridge on 3/26/03  Judy Dick did a memorial to her at the Diabetic Pets Website.  Click below to see it.


This is Big Vinnie.  He came to us when a boarding kennel was filling up for the holidays and he didn't have anywhere to go.  I went to pick him up and noticed a distinctive smell.  Stopped by the Vet on the way home.  His BG was 665.  He was with us a little over a year when we lost him to hemangiosarcoma Jan 19, 2001.